Monday, November 19, 2018

2 Things Straight Teeth Prevent

At McClellan & Sagun Orthodontics in Kenilworth, IL, we have a tradition of creating great smiles by providing unparalleled orthodontic health care. Dr. Mart McClellan, Dr.Tim Sagun and our team strive to accommodate the needs of our patients and create a positive orthodontic experience.

You may be wondering whether orthodontic treatment is right for you. Besides a beautiful smile, did you know there are other health benefits to straight teeth? Here are 2 things, straight teeth can prevent or help.

1. Decreases Risks of Injury: 
Did you know a benefit of straight teeth is the decrease of risk in an injury? Crowded or protruding teeth are most likely to break in an accident such as with sports.

2. Prevent Jaw and Neck Pain: 
Orthodontic treatment can help prevent bad bites that cause an abnormal chewing pattern. You may not know it, however the bad bites and crowded teeth may be stressing out your jaw and neck. A pain in these areas and headaches could be a sign and orthodontic treatment can help you feeling healthy.

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