Thursday, October 25, 2018

Avoid these Treats on Halloween

Happy Halloween from everyone at McClellan and Sagun Orthodontics!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to talk to remind them about the importance of sticking to their health routine. This includes brushing your teeth, flossing, wearing your retainers, using mouthwash and other health tips. If you recently received orthodontic treatment such as braces or in the middle of your treatment, we recommend you avoid these sweet treats.

  • Popcorn Balls: These are often a big hit on Halloween night and a guarantee in your child's Halloween bucket. Have some floss on hand after enjoying these treats. Please be aware, if you have braces, these are probably not an ideal treat.  
  • Hard Candies: You want to watch out for hard candies on Halloween and beyond. These can break your teeth and can be damaging if you have braces. On top of that, hard candies can cause the sugar to wash all over your teeth. This is due to having the hard candy for longer periods in your mouth.

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