Thursday, May 17, 2018

5 Tips - McClellan & Sagun Orthodontics

1. Avoid Teeth Whitening Products

Whitening products are great but not during braces. The reason you should avoid teeth whitening products is that they will only whiten some parts of your teeth, leaving you with patchy discoloration. That being said, this really only applies to traditional braces and ceramic braces. That means if you have Invisalign, you’re good to go. Otherwise, hold off on teeth whitening until after your braces come off.

2. Don’t Chew On Your Pens
The reason for this is twofold. Don't chew on anything. First of all, when you chew on hard objects that aren’t food, you run the risk of breaking a wire or popping off a bracket. Secondly, chewing on something like a pen will wear down your tooth enamel over time and can even damage the muscles in your jaw. 

3. If You Have Ceramic Braces or Invisalign, Avoid Foods That Will Stain

If you don’t want your ceramic braces or Invisalign trays to turn yellowish-brown in color, be sure to steer clear of foods that easily stain like tomato paste (like marinara sauce), mustard, coffee, or any other drinks that are dark in color. You’ll also want to avoid spices like turmeric and curry because they can turn your ceramic braces or Invisalign trays a bright orange or neon yellow color. 

4. Avoid Chewy or Hard Foods

You don’t necessarily have to give up these foods altogether. Instead, we suggest modifying the way you eat. For instance, instead of eating an apple whole, cut it up into small pieces for a healthy & braces-friendly snack. Another example is cutting the corn off the cob to avoid any tricky braces situations. Nevertheless, you should still stay away from gum, hard candies, and nuts. 

5. Smile
Remember to be yourself and smile!

Tips for a Healthy Smile from McClellan and Sagun Orthodontics

5 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

1. Braces Are Going to Hurt

This is not true! There are a variety of treatments available, all with the patient’s comfort in mind. Whether you choose to go for the traditional metal braces or Invisalign clear plastic aligners, the adjustment to wearing them will be minimum. 

2. I'm Going to Have Braces Forever!

Nope! There are so many more options when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Besides, the traditional metal braces, you can choose ceramic braces which are less noticeable in the mouth, Invisalign clear plastic aligners that are removable, and lingual braces which are adhered to the backs of your teeth instead of the front. Call us and we can help you achieve the best smile. Of course, each patient is case-by-case. 

3. My Teeth Will Never Shift Again

Unfortunately that is not guaranteed. Everyone's teeth will constantly be shifting a little throughout their life and sometimes there might be an accident or illness which affects the alignment of your teeth later down the line.The good news is that wearing a retainer at night can help keep your newly straightened teeth in place.

4. When Will My Braces Come Off? 

As soon as your braces are put on you are probably already wondering when you can expect treatment to be done. Keep in mind that while the orthodontist can give you a projected timeline of what to expect during your treatment there is no set deadline. There can’t be. There are so many nuances to shifting teeth that there is always some wiggle room to the length of treatment. Don’t get frustrated if it takes a little longer than initially expected. Your beautiful smile will certainly be worth the wait.

5. I Will Have to Give Up My Favorite Foods 

You do need to give up every single one of your favorite foods, you will just need to adjust and watch what you eat. Hard candy, popcorn and other foods that are hard or sticky are a big NO! This is because they can get stuck in your braces and cause problems. Certain drinks like wine and soda need to be limited as well because of how they can impact the conditions of your braces.

If you are unsure, you can always call and ask us what foods are safe to eat. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We Support our American Heroes

We are taking part in the country wide support for our American heroes this month! Every time you Check-in on Facebook from our office, a donation is made towards the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fun is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing critically-needed medical facilities for treating United States military personnel suffering the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health issues.

About Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund:
  • “The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (IFHF) is helping military personnel suffering the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) by building a series of facilities, called “Intrepid Spirit Centers” in which these injuries can be diagnosed and treated.”
  • The mission of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is to support our military community, now specifically those who are suffering from traumatic brain injury and psychological health conditions.
  • 100% of the proceeds donated, go directly to helping service members by building Intrepid Spirit centers
How can you join us in supporting American Heroes?

Because we are a check-in 4 charity member, you can show support for service members by checking-in on Facebook at our office. Each time you check-in, you participate in our donation to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund in May. 

Learn more about the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund by visiting their website and social media at